Since 2014 we have been coaching people through strength and movement to overcome the challenges faced between a sedentary society and physical performance, In 2017 we began working with Climbers to improve their performance both on and off the wall.


Our Mission

To help those who are driven to overcome the challenges they face to unlock better health and performance as everyday athletes.

The meaning behind the name

An Axis is defined as “An imaginary line about which a body rotates” (Oxford Dictionary).

When we place a foot, a hand or bend a joint this is a point or line that our body rotates around, whether this happens on the climbing wall or during all movement patterns.

A coach is defined as “A closed horse-drawn carriage” and while this may seem like an odd description for what we do, the purpose of a coach is to take people to their destination.

When combined these two definitions become a fitting description for what we are here to pursue:

To help people through their movement journey to the destination they choose.

We do this in two ways:

  1. Climbing Coaching, the constant pursuit of improvement.

  2. Strength and Movement Coaching, to perform and stay injury free we must move well, then set these quality movement patterns by building strength to create resilience and increase the body’s ability to stay injury free.


Ashley Thomas-

Head Coach

Since becoming a qualified Master Personal Trainer in 2014, I have developed a passion for not only challenging people to overcome the challenges they face but for helping to guide them by using coaching skills and questions so they can come to their own destination.

I believe in keeping things simple. Move Well then Move Often.




Deb has 20 years’ experience in the health industry as a nurse and brings many transferable skills into her role as a personal trainer and movement coach. Deb changed her career from nursing to coaching because she is passionate about helping people make the small, sustainable changes necessary to live a healthier life.

Ash is knowledgeable, passionate and skilled in empowering you to reach the top - the three things you’d wish for in a climbing coach. I’ve been in the Boulder Stronger classes for the past few months and have reached goals and made progress that, if not for Ash, I doubt I would have achieved on my own. Very happy!
— Wes

What We've Achieved

  • Over 200 people helped in 5 years.

  • Worked with Open B Womens Australian Bouldering Champion.

  • Heaviest Client Deadlift over 200kgs.

  • Client to double bodyweight Pull Up